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Monday, February 28, 2011


I wish a very good day to everyone reading and following my blog. Its been kinda lame since I'd not update or posted anything here. Maybe this is my first post for 2011.

Before all of the blurbs, I want to wish all the Malaysian Army personnel, Happy Army Day!! HOORAH!!!

Many things been happening lately. There are going to be major changes in the rank structure in my University. People been talking, "Change this, change that, but in the end nothing change at all." Hey peeps, look at the bright side. Please. Changes are made to make sure something, or everything, improves. If the higher commander, or leader see that the current system is good, changes towards it are unnecessary. U got my point right?

On the 29th of January, my eldest sister had had her marriage with the man of her choice. No worries, she got my parents blessings. The wedding reception was held the next day. Congratulations Kak Long, may your marriage is blessed with love, prosperity and happiness, till the end of your life.

Its just a short update, didn't have any picture to upload here.
Anyhow, Ill make sure that next time Ill update my blog more frequently, so you guys might have the idea of what Im doing, share thoughts and LOL!

p/s : The idea of video blog is kinda cool right??

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