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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Music Genius

Following recent incident happening in my life, I had become so attached to a song. Yeah, for me, there's always a song for my mood. And lately it is 'Masih Aku Terasa' by Gersang. Well, seeing from the name of the band, it is not because I am 'GERSANG', but its the song.

Since my earlier age of listening to indie music, I always looked up to Loque of Butterfingers. For me, he is my music icon. I dreamed of to be a genius in music like him. Listening to all of Butterfingers made me realize that, I do not have to search for foreign artists such as Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and Maroon 5 ( even though I also enjoyed listening to them) concerts. Hey, we got superb Indie bands in Malaysia, which really thrills.

Other than Butterfingers, I also love to listen to Cromok. Nice instrumental songs and guitar licks and also great beats.

Enough typing, I had found out that Loque played a cover of Masih Aku Terasa. Here's the song, enjoy it peeps.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Awesome Scene

Hello all.
Just finished watching Jackass 3D. Yeah, they are awesome. Minus some dirty scene that you might not wanna watch. Anyhow, that dirty movie cheered me up after a day of, let say, torture? Nah, tiring is the word.

Among all of the scene, I think there is a scene which I feel like "woa, they even have the idea for this." It's not a wicked scene but its kinda funny. Don't have to said much about it. So people, I present you, the Scene of My Choice in Jackass 3D

Friday, April 8, 2011


I am so annoyed today when I entered a toilet. Its not because of there was shit in it. But because, ah see the picture yourself.

See?? Do you see the shoe stain there? Please peeps, understand the civilization can you? I know how wonderful it feels like to shit while squatting, but this isn't right.

You suppose to sit on the sit-toilet.

And squat on the squat-toilet. Not the other side. Please change the way you use the toilet. They are made with purpose. You may end up injuring yourself. And the dirty shoe stains, it just sucks man, big time.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Breakfast at Awana Genting Highlands

Hi peeps.
Today I was very lucky to join Santai Riders Convoy to Genting Highlands. The convoy was held so that we can have our breakfast at Genting Highlands. Even though just a few of us manage to join the ride, it was full of fun and bikers spirit. The bikers who join the ride are
1.Abg Usop
7. (Another biker which I forgot to ask his name, sorry bro)

RV : BHP Gombak
Start: 0930
End : 1300

Nice to ride with you all. Will be joining the next TTS, if there is time. See you again brothers. picture means thousands words, so lets cut the crap. See the pictures yourself.

Pictures credit to Ganah Zxsixr of Santai Riders Group

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