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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hi peeps.
Have you read the news today? Do you know Malek Noor?

Datuk Malek Noor

Yeah, Datuk Malek Noor, the 6 times Asia Heavyweight Bodybuilder Champ, was attacked. He was reported to be attacked by heart attack during a football match between Perak's MB team and the National Veterans team.

He played as a goalkeeper, hold to the goal post during the attack. He was later send to a private hospital afterward. Lets pray that he will be back in good shape soon.

Here's a clip where Datuk Malek Noor star in the local show.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

UKM 10's

Hi guys.
Just got back from UKM 10's in UKM. If you don't have any idea about it, it's a rugby tourney. We had a good day yesterday. We won all the matches, we laughed, drank, ate and pray together. And we advanced to the quarter finals.

However, in the semi final, we were beaten by PSA, Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah. Just with a try difference. Its really disappointing, however, it is still good to gather and play like the old times. That's all for today.
Thanks for reading.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa : Is It Worth To Watch?

Hi peeps,

Have you watch the latest movie by KRU Production? Yes, it is Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa,. It was directed by Yusri Abdul Halim. The youngest of the three brothers if I'm not mistaken.

Read the synopsis above. Have you got the idea about the movie? Haven't watched it yet. But now, lets see what people said about this movie.

There, 133 Likes, and few good comments too. Actually, I was waiting for the movie ever since I watched the preview in Youtube last year.

However, once the movie is out, I still hadn't got the chance to watch it. Also heard some negative comment on the movie. I bet you people thought I'm gonna say "This movie sucks", "2 Alam is way better than Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa", "Is that another shitty Malay movie?" Well friends, you are so damn wrong. However, still considering the options on movies available in cinema to watch now.

So, anyone up for a movie? Leave a comment please.

Thank you.

p/s : This entry was made using cut and paste technique, so if you can't see the image clearly, do click on them. Will come with better technique afterward.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I just repaired my fork. Its leaking and running out of fork oil. Its been a terrible riding experience for me. However, I had repaired the fork. But later I found out that my brake plate is worn out.

Nevermind, unfortunate events always bring good stories. That night my friend treat me for satay. Love 'em

Uses these coins to repair my bike

Repair works at Kedai Impian

Forks underwent surgery

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ride to Pantai Timur

This is the map proposing Iron River Bikers ride to Pantai Timur

View Larger Map

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I wanna make and announcement, so please lend your eyes.

Its official that i don't have all those brilliant idea like before. So that may answer your question why my blog is seldom updated lately. I'm in a mental blocked state. Help!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is kind of a breaking news to all students of UPNM.

Mej Idris Pandak Yahya was injured during an accident. The accident happened at about 1145, at Pos Belakang TUDM Subang. It is said that he was driving on his motorcycle from picking up his son from tuition.

The accident occurred when he was hit by a van which happen to be entering a road without lighting his signal. Mej Idris who was on the right side of the van was hit afterward. He sustained broken leg and wrist. However he is still in ICU for further observation.

It was also reported that he will be transferred from Sungai Buloh Hospital to a private hospital in Shah Alam. Lets pray so that he will be well soon and continuing his duty to serve the country.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tusnami in Japan

After political revolution in Egypt, comes the news of quake in Christchurch, and now tsunami in Japan. People are getting worried about their kin in Japan. Fortunately, my friend who was in a course in Japan, just came back yesterday. Now, I have to mourn other people instead of him.

Reported in newspapers today is the destruction due to the waves and quakes. People in Japan are stuck as transportation system was put on halt to prevent further loss. Nuclear reactor and oil plant was closed. It was also reported that the 8.9 Richter quake have destroyed factories, houses, roads and caused blackout all over Tokyo.

Lets hope that all the people over there is save ( well of course not all), but lets just pray for them. And may this wrath of mother nature be a reminder to us all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Final Year Project

Been busy with my Final Year Project (FYP) lately. So sorry that i hadn't update my blog for a long time. This whole thing of being a student really is pissing me off. A lot of things did happen also. Instead of managing my shit, I have to take care of others also. So let say, my life is full of shit now. But it's OK because I believe that if I did something good for someone else, I'll get my fair treatment. I wish.

The thing with my FYP is, I have to create a control system to control a rocket during its flight. I will upload the snippet afterward, IF someone bother watching, because I don't think most people do. MOST people not ALL OK? A LOT, A LOT, of people care about gossips, pretty chicks, and awesome dudes, so I don't think A LOT of people out there give a shit about my FYP. Stop giving me your shit, I'm full of it already.

I would be going out for my FYP research tomorrow, and I hope that I would have no problem doing my research. Thank GOD, there's someone in this small world that could lend me a hand. And also thanks to all forum goers who had replied my stupid questions.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hand Signals During Riding

Hello peeps.
How are you guys? Hope you are all in the peak of health. been wondering what to write today, and suddenly I bumped onto this. So, I guess not only the riders need to know about this, but also other road users. So that accident can be avoided. Well, Lets learn guys

Start.gif (7853 bytes)


With your right or left arm
extended, move your index
finger in a circular motion.


Raise your left arm
horizontal with your
elbow fully extended.

Left.gif (5363 bytes)
Right.gif (5445 bytes) RIGHT TURN

Raise your left arm
horizontal with your
elbow bent 90 degrees


Extend your left arm at
a 45 degree angle and
point towards the hazard

Hazard Left.gif (5478 bytes)

Extend your right leg at a 45 degree downward angle to signal the hazard.


Extend your left arm upward
at a 45 degree angle with your
elbow bent to 90 degrees and
point towards the hazard over
your helmet.

speed.gif (17197 bytes) SPEED UP

Raise your left arm up and down
with your index finger extended
upward. This indicates the
leader wants to speed up.


Extend your left arm at
a 45 degree angle and move
your hand up and down.

Slow.gif (5474 bytes)
Stop.gif (5502 bytes) STOP

Extend your left arm at
a 45 degree angle with the
palm of your hand facing rearward.


Position your left hand over
your helmet with your fingers
extended upward. This indicates
the leader wants the group in a
single file formation. Usually this
is done for safety reasons.

Single.gif (5508 bytes)
Stager.gif (5474 bytes) STAGGERED

Extend your left arm upward
at a 45 degree angle with your
index and pinkie finger extended.
This indicate that it is safe to
return to staggered formation.


Raise your left arm and
repeatedly move up and down
in a pulling motion. This
indicates the leader wants the
group to close ranks.

Tight.gif (5525 bytes)
Pissed.gif (7800 bytes) PISSED OFF

Extend your left arm straight out
with your elbow bent 90 degrees.
Carefully extend your middle finger
to clearly demonstrate your
dissatisfaction with the other guy.
NOTE: It is not recommended
you do this when you are alone.

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