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Monday, December 27, 2010

Malaysia vs Indonesia (3-0)

I enjoyed watching the game yesterday, after missing a lot of Malaysia football team's game in the Suzuki Cup. Even thought I just watched it in the curry house, not in the stadium, but i can feel the excitement, and the spirit off the players.

What have been bothering me is the fact that the national team has evolved into such team. It is the question of why, there's still lack of support in the national football scene. it is really upsetting me. i got a friend that bet the malaysia team would lost yesterday. See the lack of spirit in malaysian itself.

I'd visited the Harimau Muda page in FB. It is so sad that both malaysians and indonesians are mocking each other. Come on, I can feel and understand ur anger, but there is no need for such harsh and uncivilized words. Is this how we nurture and teach our younger generations??

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Latest Update

Been busy with a lot of things lately... really having some prob managing my priority... However i manage to do a lot of things which I really love to do.. First of all, I manage to sneak out for a ride to Cameron Highlands with my buds during the Hari Raya Aidil Adha break... Its been a hell of a ride because we'd been riding in heavy rain with limited sight. And we do had a lot of problem during the ride, my friend got minor break down on his CB400, and one of us got an empty tank on the highway. even though we faced a lot of problems, we manage to arrive at Brinchang that night, and we sleep there for a night before going back to our house.

Next up is my family had been constructing a new family house. It is not far away from my current house, so it would not be a prob for any of u that had been to my house to come to my new house. Been waiting for the house to be finished. Hopefully it can be done before early January, because on 29 Jan my eldest sister will get married. and i hope it can be done in the new house.. you are so damn lucky sis...

And last week, we had an inter battalion rugby match. Its been a really hard week, as we have to undergo our military training and rugby training in the same time. But i really feel good about it. And proud to say, even we're finishing as the runner up, my lads had done their best in all of the games, i really am proud of you guys.. remember, it doesnt only take a winner to be celebrated, but also men/women with pride, honor and courage

Inter battalion

Cameron Highlands ride

My new house in the making...picture taken on 7 Dis 2010

My new house in the making...picture taken on 7 Dis 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life is beautiful

Sometimes I find that life is so beautiful... not only the scenery, but also the people, situation and etc.. i wish i had a like button in life.. =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

I am SHOCKED, Is Homosexuality Is The New Trend??

I am so shocked that people can easily made this kind of statement in public ( FB is considered public ok)... how come she made this kind of this statement so openly... its like she didn't care about the afterlife and the punishment she'll have to endure... i am not the kind of people who always goes to surau, masjid, listening to tazkirah and other religious thingy.. but i know my boundaries... and i wouldn't step on it, what more beyond it.. I think this is unacceptable... i don't know about any other religions, but as for mine, which is ISLAM, GOD and the prophets forbid it... it's not healthy from the medical view also.. hurm...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Me And My Ride

Lately been uploading my pic to malaysian bikers forum.. never thought people would say this.. click on the image if u cant see them


The advancement in technology surely helps a lot of peeps... but as for me i dont really amazed by that becuz i dont really own technology.. huhu.. im such a cheap person..dang..

p/s : I want an I Phone 4

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tanjung Malim Ride

Last Sunday i manage to go for a ride with my friends. The ride took us to Tanjung Malim. The ride took about 45 minutes from kl. There are 11 bikers from all range of bikes, involved in this ride. As we arrive in Tanung Malim, we went to one of the biker's friend hostel ( she's a student of UPSI). Later we went to the famous PAU restaurant. Unfortunately, the place is packed full. And not long after we arrive a group of 40 bikers came to the lot. We started our bike and found another place to have lunch. Give way to more senior bikers. HEHE... At 1600 we started our journey back to KL.. It was hell-of-a-ride.. Everyone is having fun and we came back safely. Enjoy the pics..

p/s : tomorrow is my Final Year Project presentation. Wish me luck

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Final Year Project

Lately i've been busy finishing my final year project. my project is about simulating a rocket flight control system. the control system including the guidance system. i am simulating this using LabVIEW. However, I still did not manage to finish it. but it does not really matter cuz the anlysis part will be done next semester.. so anyone knew anything about labview, do cntct me.. really in need..

p/s : this post is for Mr. Suresh and Nazmi Prosper System Engineering Sdn Bhd. I kindly remark this post for both of you...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Malaysia's Largest Military Self Defence Show

During UPNM ConvoFest 2010, the largest military self defence show was held in UPNM. This show is recorded in the Malaysian Book of Record. And I am proudly participated in it. HOORAAH!!!

Thats me, second from right, back row

for video, but only part of it, click here

p/s: we are not playing soldiers, we are REAL soldiers

Click Here