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Monday, December 26, 2011

Nite Ride

Yesterday, i and my bud missed the kl bike week sunset ride. Yeah, we are of about 15 mins. And we rushed together through MEX highway. Unfortunately, on our way, my spark plug loosen. Thus we had to stopped and checked it. Its frustating. Really did.

Well, now im on my way back. And i had to visit Putrajaya to meet a friend and to pick up something from him. From Putrajaya, i went straight to Serdang via Silicon highway. Heres some pucs of my nite ride, alone. Haha.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

KL Bike Week

On the 23th of Disember 2011, I and a few of my buds had visited the KL Bike Week held at MATIC, Jalan Ampang. It is a three day event( which today is the second day). It sure is a blast with concert and bike show. Its cool man. Its kind of a gathering of all bikers in Malaysia. It was my first time to attend such event.

For todays schedule there will be a sunset ride from MATIC. Im sure there will be a lot of bikes joining the ride which i plan to join too.

Well here is some pics which I had snapped during the event last nite.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kenaikan Gaji ATM

Apesal la ramai sgt yg xpuas hati askar naik gaji ni? Dan aku yakin bahawa yg ramai xpuas hati gaji askar naik tu xpnah ade kawan atau family yg menyertai ATM. MasyaALLAH. Bkn la aku nk jual cerita, tp hanya ahli-ahlinya shj yg akan mengerti.

Lets not forget that the constitution had stated that the pay of servicemen should be the highest in the country. Please let me remind you again that being a serviceman is not as sweet as how it seems. Remember those people whom had sacrifice their time and life for the sake of your own safety. You may said doctors, engineers and etc job is kinda same. But did these people risk their life the way we did? Did they have bullets flying towards em?

This may sound immature, but i know some of you would say, our country is safe. No war and etc, no need for an increase. Thats totally ass. You gotta understand, we are trained, and equipped for war. For the purpose of getting ready to protect the dignity of our country at any time called by the Supreme Ruler. Our Royal Highness.

Constitution is not made so that we can easily neglect or change em. If you really understand it, you would realize that the constitution should be followed and obeyed. It is still relevant even at this millennia. And it would always remain as a legacy and a sign of our loyalty to the Royal Highness. End of story. Fullstop!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Every soul in this world would face problem in their walk of life. Believe me, everyone do. All people is unique in each and every way. And these uniqueness also resolves around the way a person face or solve their problems.

I was made known that one of my buds has broke up with his girlfriend. It is a good thing that he went through it like it was nothing. He was very happy as he said that they still have future together. For me it is more like a hold up.

Some people amuse me by the way problems came to them, while some in the way they faced it. No need to runaway, as each path we took, there would be challenges awaits for us. Problems made a person grew wiser. So people, stand up and fight. No need to mourn for your losses. There is plenty out there who is less fortunate than you are. Cheer up.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Lately i had this cravings for cendol and ABC. I dont know why. Maybe because my training environment, which is hot and tiring had given birth to this craving. Yeah this is me, always with reason to let myself looks like an innocent. Remember, escapism is not good.

Actually i want to tell you peeps that i am now at the famous Wahab's Cendol in Wangsa Maju. The restaurant is located at Sri Rampai Business Center. Today i've been planning to have ABC Laici and Rojak Ayam. Usually, I would have Cendol Jagung and Rojak Sotong here.

Hopefully my cravings for ABC and Cendol would not affect my passing out parade tomorrow. Well peeps, enjoy the pics.


hye peeps.
its been a long time since i last updated my blog. ive been busy with my final training, convocation, and passing out parade. Its another month or so to go. Seems like the memories of me n my friends being here been playing on my mind even more as i approaching the gate of being an officer. But one thing i learned from my oc, leaders come and go, but his spirit will remain.

My years being here had thought me to be optimist and realist. But not to forget being an idealist too. And some how I've learned how to be a good officer and a good man. The problem is, I am kinda afraid if i can keep up with my current 'well being'. Nobody is perfect, but some how, we have to be better each and every day. I dont want to be condemned to hell for not leading my men to the right path. Well hopefully myself too.

In this couple of years I'd also learned the meaning of friendship and comradeship. I wouldnt sell my buds out for things that wud threaten themselves. however, some people just cudnt get into enough problems. so they keep on repeating the same mistake, time after time. So, please, who ever read my piece of crap here, always, man ,or woman, up to ur friend. Lead and show them how to live and be a good person. I always believe that, wut ever i did, even the smallest thing in my life wud some how affect others around me, thus affecting the community and the nation.

There's so much thing i would want to teach and learn from people. let it be my instructors, peers, and even juniors. some every people is special in their way of thinking. brainstorming can help molding a person. Some people might also learn from hardship and pain. You chose the way you wud want to grow up. the paths is too many, but the endstate of ur life must only be one and only, to be a good person, in the world and hereafter.

well thats enough babbling for today, i guess, talk to you all again later. cheer up, and remember, no one can mindfuck u unless u let them to do so. U got plenty of options, chose the best one.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kestabilan dan keseimbangan

Sejak kebelakangan ni aku mmg x berape nk stabil... hal ini adelah kerana beberapa perkara yg tidak diingini yang berlaku dalam hidup aku. Cis dan CIS lagi... aku sbnanye xtau nk citer kt sape, so aku nk citer kt korg la.. sbb korg pn bukan knal aku sgt... n klu aku bebel kat sini pn aku rase blog aku ni mmg xde org bace pn.. so aku bleh buat suke hati aku la... kn??

ok, korg tau aku ade gf kn?? well, skrg da xde... haha.. Alasannye sbb aku xluangkan mase dgn die... erm.. ok kot, sbb aku mmg bz la kt sini kn... mase tu mmg cukup2 je... so srry, xdpt nk luangkn mase dgn u. But wut u shud have known, is the fact that I am so in love with you, that until this day, I still miss u and love u, like nothin ever happened to us. maybe u dont realize, mybe for u, the meaning of love is to be close, at anytime possible, well, for me, nope... Love is to share the same feeling, the same vibration, the same echo, the same frequency, with some other people, whether it is friendship, marriage or any others. it is the form of understanding, and agreement, that says "you are welcomed in my circle". but that doesnt mean that the both of you shud always be together. FAHAM???

nmpk x, klu aku marah automatically, english aku akn jadi superb... ni semua ajaran kt skolah la ni, ble marah je ckp english, smpi la ni aku terikut2... demmit... da la.. nk tulis tu je dlu.. nt ade mase lg aku tulis lg.. muntah la korg bace blog aku lpas ni...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gunung Ledang Expedition

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Music Genius

Following recent incident happening in my life, I had become so attached to a song. Yeah, for me, there's always a song for my mood. And lately it is 'Masih Aku Terasa' by Gersang. Well, seeing from the name of the band, it is not because I am 'GERSANG', but its the song.

Since my earlier age of listening to indie music, I always looked up to Loque of Butterfingers. For me, he is my music icon. I dreamed of to be a genius in music like him. Listening to all of Butterfingers made me realize that, I do not have to search for foreign artists such as Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and Maroon 5 ( even though I also enjoyed listening to them) concerts. Hey, we got superb Indie bands in Malaysia, which really thrills.

Other than Butterfingers, I also love to listen to Cromok. Nice instrumental songs and guitar licks and also great beats.

Enough typing, I had found out that Loque played a cover of Masih Aku Terasa. Here's the song, enjoy it peeps.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Awesome Scene

Hello all.
Just finished watching Jackass 3D. Yeah, they are awesome. Minus some dirty scene that you might not wanna watch. Anyhow, that dirty movie cheered me up after a day of, let say, torture? Nah, tiring is the word.

Among all of the scene, I think there is a scene which I feel like "woa, they even have the idea for this." It's not a wicked scene but its kinda funny. Don't have to said much about it. So people, I present you, the Scene of My Choice in Jackass 3D

Friday, April 8, 2011


I am so annoyed today when I entered a toilet. Its not because of there was shit in it. But because, ah see the picture yourself.

See?? Do you see the shoe stain there? Please peeps, understand the civilization can you? I know how wonderful it feels like to shit while squatting, but this isn't right.

You suppose to sit on the sit-toilet.

And squat on the squat-toilet. Not the other side. Please change the way you use the toilet. They are made with purpose. You may end up injuring yourself. And the dirty shoe stains, it just sucks man, big time.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Breakfast at Awana Genting Highlands

Hi peeps.
Today I was very lucky to join Santai Riders Convoy to Genting Highlands. The convoy was held so that we can have our breakfast at Genting Highlands. Even though just a few of us manage to join the ride, it was full of fun and bikers spirit. The bikers who join the ride are
1.Abg Usop
7. (Another biker which I forgot to ask his name, sorry bro)

RV : BHP Gombak
Start: 0930
End : 1300

Nice to ride with you all. Will be joining the next TTS, if there is time. See you again brothers. picture means thousands words, so lets cut the crap. See the pictures yourself.

Pictures credit to Ganah Zxsixr of Santai Riders Group

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