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Friday, February 27, 2009

Journey pt. 1

Hari ni, aku rase kecewa. Sebenarnye aku dah lame perasan bende ni. cume x brape nk ckp je. Org kite ni (Malaysian) mmg berbudi bahase. Tlg2 menolong. That's a good example of unity. But the problem lies in the souls of those people that had not stop from using other people for their own goods. Okay, aku bkn baik sgt. Aku sedar le aku sape.. Cm lagu Butterfingers- Tentang-tentang.. ade verse yg bunyik die camni;

Saya ini pn bukan sempurna,
Tapi saya tahu..
dosa dan pahalaku Tuhan saja...
Tuhan saja yg tahu..

Aku tau le aku x sebaik mane. Yela klu nasihat org pn ade gk org bunyik blakang kn?? "weyh, pehal mamat ni?? Mcm bagus!!!". Hatta klu Imam Besar Masjid Negare pon org bleh wt dek je, ni kan pulak aku.. haha..

berbalik pada topik td. ade ke patut, seorg manusia ni, punye la baik die tlg org, dan2 org yg die tlg 2 menolong la balik manusia ni. menolong menyusahkan manusia ni. Hai.. ape la nk jadi?? X blaja sivik kot.. xbleh gk gne alasan 2, sebab dalam perlembagaan malaysia da tercatat 5 rukun negara. Aku nk highlight yg no 1.Kepercayaan kepada TUHAN.

Come on la, semua org dlm negare ni ade Tuhan, klu x, xdapek le nk jd warganegare Malaysia ni. Setau aku, mane-mane Tuhan pn, x suruh penganut nye wt khianat kt org. meremang bulu rome aku bile ade seorang kwn ni citer la pasal kisah makhluk ni( gorila kot). punye la aku terkejut, dpn mate member2.. die punye baik 2.. pergh.. mcm dewa kot.. blakang mmbr, mcm gorila... haha

Berubah la ye rakan2..jgn jadik cm gorila ni.. ble org tlg kte, jgn wat khianat.. igt, bkn manusia je tgk pe yg kite buat.. tp Tuhan nmpk beb.. mls nk ckp pnjg lebar.. renung-renungkan.. dan selamat beramal..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Govt Institutions are no longer NEUTRAL??

Its been a very long time since I'd been reading news paper. Last Monday, I decided to buy and read em. And I had found a column which had attracted me. The headline said "Govt Institutions are no longer neutral". It is actually a statement made by former de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. He stated that in a democracy, the institutions of gobernment must be neutral and professionally run. It means that, you cant have either police r MACC (formerly known as ACA) to side on any one.

But the political scenario in Malaysia had changed. It seems that law enforcement agency is backing things up for someone. It seems like sum people are taking the law on their hands. It's true that I don't have any proof to support my statement. But if you ran across a project, u can see the board saying "Sebuah Projek Kemajuan Oleh Kerajaan .... ". Should we state whoever run any of these projects?? I don't think so.

I hope the government would be neutral, and listen to any ideas or advices from either parties. It's essential that great ideas n advices been taken into account. It's a symbol of unity in the government, and also an example to Malaysian. Political difference should be taken aside when talking or deciding for the country. What the government is doing is for the country, to uphold its name and trust of those people who'd voted them to be their leaders. Its not for the sake of their parties and ideology. People.. use your mind think and change.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Leadership qualities

Out of a sudden, I felt like writing about this. Take a note on this topic, because one day we will be a leader. Brace yourself, be strong, and never surrender..

and here it is, the leadership qualities by me..

1. Honesty

Leaders have to be honest. If those under your charge do not trust you, then they won’t follow you. Common sense, if you ask me.

2. Responsibility

If you are going to make decisions, then you should take responsibility for the decisions that you make. Good leaders don’t pass the buck or blame other people – they deal with situations that arise and take responsibility for the results. Oh, and if you delegate a responsibility to someone under your charge and they screw it up, then it is YOU who have screwed up. That’s what leadership and responsibility is all about.

3. Confidence

You have to believe in yourself. I know it sounds corny, but confidence makes the leader. You have to believe every word that comes out of your mouth. If you don’t your charges will begin to question whether or not you know what you are talking about.

This literally means that even when a situation is hopeless, you have to give off an air of confidence. Your charges will look to YOU for guidance when times get tough. If they see panic or uncertainty in your eyes, then all is lost.

4. Enthusiasm

How do you make someone do something that they don’t want to do? Enthusiasm! Get psyched about the task that you’re assigning. Emphasize its importance, and rollup your sleeves and demonstrate. Enthusiasm is contagious – if your charges see you all excited and ready to have at it, they’ll get excited too. If you give off an “I just don’t give a hoot" attitude, then your charges won’t give a hoot either.

5. Reliability

Saying that you’re going to do something means that you will actually have to do it. Nobody likes an unreliable person, even if they’re not a leader. After your first time going back on your word, people just aren’t going to trust you anymore. I guarantee that if you are unreliable, you won’t be a leader for long (if ever).

6. Patience

Don’t underestimate the importance of patience. If you explain a task or situation to you charge and they don’t understand, then clarify it for them. It’s not their fault that they don’t understand your instructions – it’s YOUR fault. Take the time to help out your charges so that they can perform their assigned tasks as you intended. Answer their questions and make sure that they understand by asking a few yourself!

7. Decisiveness

Some politicians should pay careful attention to this. Don’t waffle on see-saw on decisions. Go through this exactly once: gather relevant information, gather input from your charges, and make a safe and reasonable decision based on the information that you have available. Never second-guess yourself unless new and important information is available.

Often, leaders have to make important decisions very quickly. Make sure that you’re psychologically prepared to do this – it’s not as easy as it seems.


This pretty much amounts to “finish what you start.” See tasks through to the bitter end, and keep your charges motivated to continue.

9. Loyalty

This is something that you expect of your charges. It is also something that your charges expect from you. The first time that you stab your charges in the back will also be the last.

10. Courage

This could be the most important of the list, since it encompasses so much. As a leader, you must have courage in order to be decisive. You can’t be afraid of failure, or else you will not be able to function as a leader. Have the courage to stick to your convictions or go with a gut instinct. Don’t be afraid to try a new approach.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to admit that you made a mistake. This is what separates the true leaders from the wanna-bees. If you messed up, admit that you messed up, then take corrective action to fix your mistake. Your charges won’t think less of you for it – in fact, they’ll think more of you because you didn’t insist that black was white when both you and your charges know you’re wrong.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Dearest Malaysian, we are on the path of being a developed country, but what sadden me is the poor behavior and morality of the people's leader. As we saw on the tube, when our leaders debated an issue in the parliament (if any of you do care to watch), is that what we call professionalism?? Leaders are suppose to be someone with an outstanding character. But from what I've been watching all this while is no better than a school kids brawl. And yet, the government expect the entire nation to watch it. What's the point?? It's better to watch WWE or what-so-ever.

I can accept the fact that no one is perfect, but as a leader, we're suppose to have professionalism within us. Ethics, languages, gestures, it all effect the people we lead. The government always said about 1st world facilities but 3rd world mentality. Sorry to said, but that reflects all of our leaders. To know how you lead is to see how the people you lead.

The issue of Perak government. It is a very sad story. As if you are elected to be a leader, please, please, please , make good use of your power. Let aside the difference in ideology, or party. What most important is to lead the people to a better level. Not to fight about your party's ideology. Leaders should work together, without any prejudice. That what will make Malaysia a more ideal country. Stop talking about the Gaza and Lebanon or etc, if u can't even manage to work together as a team. Only by teamwork we can succeed and be a respectful country. Once again, professionalism is the key.

I'm not an anti-government or anything, I'm just a citizen who try to make a better thinking Malaysia. People, please think and make the best of it...

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