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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Final Year Project

Been busy with my Final Year Project (FYP) lately. So sorry that i hadn't update my blog for a long time. This whole thing of being a student really is pissing me off. A lot of things did happen also. Instead of managing my shit, I have to take care of others also. So let say, my life is full of shit now. But it's OK because I believe that if I did something good for someone else, I'll get my fair treatment. I wish.

The thing with my FYP is, I have to create a control system to control a rocket during its flight. I will upload the snippet afterward, IF someone bother watching, because I don't think most people do. MOST people not ALL OK? A LOT, A LOT, of people care about gossips, pretty chicks, and awesome dudes, so I don't think A LOT of people out there give a shit about my FYP. Stop giving me your shit, I'm full of it already.

I would be going out for my FYP research tomorrow, and I hope that I would have no problem doing my research. Thank GOD, there's someone in this small world that could lend me a hand. And also thanks to all forum goers who had replied my stupid questions.

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