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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tusnami in Japan

After political revolution in Egypt, comes the news of quake in Christchurch, and now tsunami in Japan. People are getting worried about their kin in Japan. Fortunately, my friend who was in a course in Japan, just came back yesterday. Now, I have to mourn other people instead of him.

Reported in newspapers today is the destruction due to the waves and quakes. People in Japan are stuck as transportation system was put on halt to prevent further loss. Nuclear reactor and oil plant was closed. It was also reported that the 8.9 Richter quake have destroyed factories, houses, roads and caused blackout all over Tokyo.

Lets hope that all the people over there is save ( well of course not all), but lets just pray for them. And may this wrath of mother nature be a reminder to us all.

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