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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Music Genius

Following recent incident happening in my life, I had become so attached to a song. Yeah, for me, there's always a song for my mood. And lately it is 'Masih Aku Terasa' by Gersang. Well, seeing from the name of the band, it is not because I am 'GERSANG', but its the song.

Since my earlier age of listening to indie music, I always looked up to Loque of Butterfingers. For me, he is my music icon. I dreamed of to be a genius in music like him. Listening to all of Butterfingers made me realize that, I do not have to search for foreign artists such as Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and Maroon 5 ( even though I also enjoyed listening to them) concerts. Hey, we got superb Indie bands in Malaysia, which really thrills.

Other than Butterfingers, I also love to listen to Cromok. Nice instrumental songs and guitar licks and also great beats.

Enough typing, I had found out that Loque played a cover of Masih Aku Terasa. Here's the song, enjoy it peeps.

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