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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Dearest Malaysian, we are on the path of being a developed country, but what sadden me is the poor behavior and morality of the people's leader. As we saw on the tube, when our leaders debated an issue in the parliament (if any of you do care to watch), is that what we call professionalism?? Leaders are suppose to be someone with an outstanding character. But from what I've been watching all this while is no better than a school kids brawl. And yet, the government expect the entire nation to watch it. What's the point?? It's better to watch WWE or what-so-ever.

I can accept the fact that no one is perfect, but as a leader, we're suppose to have professionalism within us. Ethics, languages, gestures, it all effect the people we lead. The government always said about 1st world facilities but 3rd world mentality. Sorry to said, but that reflects all of our leaders. To know how you lead is to see how the people you lead.

The issue of Perak government. It is a very sad story. As if you are elected to be a leader, please, please, please , make good use of your power. Let aside the difference in ideology, or party. What most important is to lead the people to a better level. Not to fight about your party's ideology. Leaders should work together, without any prejudice. That what will make Malaysia a more ideal country. Stop talking about the Gaza and Lebanon or etc, if u can't even manage to work together as a team. Only by teamwork we can succeed and be a respectful country. Once again, professionalism is the key.

I'm not an anti-government or anything, I'm just a citizen who try to make a better thinking Malaysia. People, please think and make the best of it...


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  4. thx 2 u u guys r ladies whom read my blog..
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  5. Welcome to blogging dear..hmm this n3 of yours is so similar to my ne : "when difference is not a matter.."..just that i put it differently..i presented it differently..yet we have d same thought..again..when difference is not a matter..hv a peep to my n3..


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