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Monday, November 22, 2010

I am SHOCKED, Is Homosexuality Is The New Trend??

I am so shocked that people can easily made this kind of statement in public ( FB is considered public ok)... how come she made this kind of this statement so openly... its like she didn't care about the afterlife and the punishment she'll have to endure... i am not the kind of people who always goes to surau, masjid, listening to tazkirah and other religious thingy.. but i know my boundaries... and i wouldn't step on it, what more beyond it.. I think this is unacceptable... i don't know about any other religions, but as for mine, which is ISLAM, GOD and the prophets forbid it... it's not healthy from the medical view also.. hurm...


  1. ampes.. best sgt ker? rosak betul budak2 skrg ni

  2. mak aihh... secara terang2an mengaku. berani betul dah tak takut mati skrg ni ya

  3. that is why i am so shocked... hopefully we'll not become like what had happen to kaum nabi Luth


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