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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tanjung Malim Ride

Last Sunday i manage to go for a ride with my friends. The ride took us to Tanjung Malim. The ride took about 45 minutes from kl. There are 11 bikers from all range of bikes, involved in this ride. As we arrive in Tanung Malim, we went to one of the biker's friend hostel ( she's a student of UPSI). Later we went to the famous PAU restaurant. Unfortunately, the place is packed full. And not long after we arrive a group of 40 bikers came to the lot. We started our bike and found another place to have lunch. Give way to more senior bikers. HEHE... At 1600 we started our journey back to KL.. It was hell-of-a-ride.. Everyone is having fun and we came back safely. Enjoy the pics..

p/s : tomorrow is my Final Year Project presentation. Wish me luck


  1. TAHNIAH...sampai di Perak...pergi sarapan pau ke?

  2. intended to...
    but the pau house is full
    so mkn kt tmpt len je...
    but at least tau la kedai pau tnjg malim 2...


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