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Monday, December 27, 2010

Malaysia vs Indonesia (3-0)

I enjoyed watching the game yesterday, after missing a lot of Malaysia football team's game in the Suzuki Cup. Even thought I just watched it in the curry house, not in the stadium, but i can feel the excitement, and the spirit off the players.

What have been bothering me is the fact that the national team has evolved into such team. It is the question of why, there's still lack of support in the national football scene. it is really upsetting me. i got a friend that bet the malaysia team would lost yesterday. See the lack of spirit in malaysian itself.

I'd visited the Harimau Muda page in FB. It is so sad that both malaysians and indonesians are mocking each other. Come on, I can feel and understand ur anger, but there is no need for such harsh and uncivilized words. Is this how we nurture and teach our younger generations??

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