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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kenaikan Gaji ATM

Apesal la ramai sgt yg xpuas hati askar naik gaji ni? Dan aku yakin bahawa yg ramai xpuas hati gaji askar naik tu xpnah ade kawan atau family yg menyertai ATM. MasyaALLAH. Bkn la aku nk jual cerita, tp hanya ahli-ahlinya shj yg akan mengerti.

Lets not forget that the constitution had stated that the pay of servicemen should be the highest in the country. Please let me remind you again that being a serviceman is not as sweet as how it seems. Remember those people whom had sacrifice their time and life for the sake of your own safety. You may said doctors, engineers and etc job is kinda same. But did these people risk their life the way we did? Did they have bullets flying towards em?

This may sound immature, but i know some of you would say, our country is safe. No war and etc, no need for an increase. Thats totally ass. You gotta understand, we are trained, and equipped for war. For the purpose of getting ready to protect the dignity of our country at any time called by the Supreme Ruler. Our Royal Highness.

Constitution is not made so that we can easily neglect or change em. If you really understand it, you would realize that the constitution should be followed and obeyed. It is still relevant even at this millennia. And it would always remain as a legacy and a sign of our loyalty to the Royal Highness. End of story. Fullstop!!!

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