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Sunday, December 11, 2011


hye peeps.
its been a long time since i last updated my blog. ive been busy with my final training, convocation, and passing out parade. Its another month or so to go. Seems like the memories of me n my friends being here been playing on my mind even more as i approaching the gate of being an officer. But one thing i learned from my oc, leaders come and go, but his spirit will remain.

My years being here had thought me to be optimist and realist. But not to forget being an idealist too. And some how I've learned how to be a good officer and a good man. The problem is, I am kinda afraid if i can keep up with my current 'well being'. Nobody is perfect, but some how, we have to be better each and every day. I dont want to be condemned to hell for not leading my men to the right path. Well hopefully myself too.

In this couple of years I'd also learned the meaning of friendship and comradeship. I wouldnt sell my buds out for things that wud threaten themselves. however, some people just cudnt get into enough problems. so they keep on repeating the same mistake, time after time. So, please, who ever read my piece of crap here, always, man ,or woman, up to ur friend. Lead and show them how to live and be a good person. I always believe that, wut ever i did, even the smallest thing in my life wud some how affect others around me, thus affecting the community and the nation.

There's so much thing i would want to teach and learn from people. let it be my instructors, peers, and even juniors. some every people is special in their way of thinking. brainstorming can help molding a person. Some people might also learn from hardship and pain. You chose the way you wud want to grow up. the paths is too many, but the endstate of ur life must only be one and only, to be a good person, in the world and hereafter.

well thats enough babbling for today, i guess, talk to you all again later. cheer up, and remember, no one can mindfuck u unless u let them to do so. U got plenty of options, chose the best one.

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