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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Journey pt. 4

There's so many things in life that had to be done.Thus we have to plan everything in our life, be more organized which will be helpful in achieving our goals. But we can't forget the fact that we could always plan but HE decides. The excellence in test or exam, the lost of someone important, flooding money, winning the last game of the season.. They're just tests made by HIM, to see whether we still remember HIM even in the moment of glory or just seek HIM when we are in need.

Its a very sad March for me. Despite all the great things that happens to me, I had lost a special someone, not only a cousin, a friend, someone that had been growing up with me, watching the changes in our life, to ourselves, had been gone forever, in an extremely sadist road disaster. Still, until this day I cant forget him. Not that I'm sick of crying, but there's no room for tears as the cries deep inside is louder than outside. But what remains is the remnants of our memories together. The events of childhood till few months ago. Its something to treasure forever. May ALLAH bless him and rest his souls among the mujaheddin.

Finals are just around the corner, still inadequate knowledge and preparations. Got to bulk up before its to late, I had promised myself i had to be better this time. And in doing so, i had to put up extra effort than before, if not, Ill gonna be left behind, in the race of students. Reaching the top is most likely impossible in my current status, but the challenge is calling me and Ill stand up to it, rain or shine, let it be blood but no tears.



  1. kamon!
    mari kte fight study beramai2!!=))

  2. co..awat aku bace post ko aku sedey er?

    aku cam tbayang klu aku ilang ein,peng,yana,eydot..korang..
    ko kuat!tabah!


  3. uiysh..
    jgn ckp cm2 le'...
    kami sentiasa ada di sisimu..
    biarpun tiada di hadapan mate..

  4. haha..
    yela..korang di hati..

    tp siyes ar,mesti sdey wey..
    giler kuat la ko,aku doa ko terus kuat k klu kngan tu dtg ttibe..:)

  5. tq ale'...
    actly.. aku berpikiran cmni...
    evn die da tade..
    hidup msti diteruskn..
    klu dok nangis pn xelok..
    kg roh arwah kne siksa dlm kubur..
    n die pn mst nk tgk kte trus kn kehidupan yg pnuh mkna ni..


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