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Sunday, March 1, 2009


In life we face many difficult challenges. Some of us refuses that challenge while the others tries to overcome the challenges. Time vary for other people. Different people have a different approach to a problem. It is not about how long you take to get out of the darkness, but it is about how you see the opportunities and chances that awaits you.

There are different types of people.
1. A person who sees opportunities when facing problems
2. A person that gives up upon a problem

Life is full of challenges. If we are going to be sad and grief upon facing a problem, we're totally gonna lose it. Upon facing a problem, we have to seek the source of the problem, and fix it. Anger is not the only solution, but sometimes it does. I am not a person of patience. I also have a limit when i would break down and start banging myself in anger.

It is not wise to talk about a problem in anger. Let yourself cool down and think. Once you done thinking start talking to other people. See if your problem-solving method would work out. If not, think again, use other peoples opinion to help and guide you out of your problem.

Remember, always seek the light and go for it, even if its not he right way out, it will surely guide you to the right ones. It is worth trying then doing nothing.



  1. totally agree with u on this..
    selalunye kalau emotions yg byk control time kte face dgn problems,
    salu last2 mesti result die x elok..
    last2 t kte blk yg nyesal sndri..

    but for me,
    i stil need the grief,sad or anger to face with certain problems..
    da jd mcm 1 step utk recover from the problem tu la lebih kurang..

  2. yep2
    totally agree with mizu
    sometimes we tend to think deep after we go thru some emotions-throw-up(err,shud i say that?)
    btw,agree with u too.its worth trying than doing nothing..:)


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