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Monday, August 30, 2010

53rd Independence Day

Tomorrow is the 31st of August 2010. It marks the 53 years of independence of Malaysia. Reviewing back the chronicles of events that lead to our independence is so nostalgic. It is a time where we see people live in peace and harmony despite their differences. All the people united for the sake of independence. I still recall the struggles of our warrior from the 'keris' and 'tombak' era to the era of the late Lt. Adnan Saidi. This shows how much these people loved and dared to take everything that it takes to protect their sacred land. Their optimism, determination and patriotism are the model of examples that should be followed today.

It is sad to see that people nowadays lack the spirit. And there is no such things as the Malaysian United. People lives only for themselves. It is selfish. I still remember when i was young, all the people in my neighborhood would treat their neighbor's child like a child of their own. I myself was raised by my Indian neighbor for a year. I also has a friend named Ah Liong back then. Situation changed. and this really upsets me because the spirit is not even there anymore.

Even though tomorrow is the independence day, but still,we can't see the 'Jalur Gemilang' been raised and hung up. There are only thorn, old and dirty flags. Even the variations of patriotic songs are not aired on the media.

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Is this how we Malaysians appreciate the independence we get today? Is this how we show our love to our country? Is this the idea of developing Malaysia into developed nation? Don't use this fasting month as the reason you can't do these little things. There's still time, go out, buy, and raised a flag. One for each and every car, motorcycle and bicycle you have is enough. Show them you do appreciate them.


  1. Happy Independence Day Malaysia. In support of 1Malaysia :)

  2. We at Online Printing Studio would like to wish everyone in Malaysia a great Merdeka Celebration.

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