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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Help Me Out Guys

Hi guys.

Thanks for reading my blog. Frankly, I am in need of help which is, I need you guys to follow my page. So the next time I post some other crazy and funny facts and jokes, you could be among the person to read them and told them to your friends.

Thank you for your hospitality.
p/s ; Only 36 follower? Maybe my blog is really that bad. Any idea guys??


  1. Haha...I don't have many followers too, 1375 but it doesn't bother me at all. People follow you for who you are so just be yourself and have fun then followers will sure to come. ;) All the best to you~

  2. 36 is good compare to having none.
    followers is really doesn't matter. juz keep on blogging.

    btw, blogwalking is really help,
    tapi kn rajin la. hee

  3. tq guys.. ill make my blog better than urs erika..hehe


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