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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Malaysia Indonesia

I am so moved to write on this issue after reading blog posts from my two friend.

Indon oh indon

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Actually it is has been an issue even before the breach of Malaysia waters by Indonesia Maritime Officers. Meanwhile there was also breach of Indonesia waters by Malaysian fisherman. Both parties had been caught and later been send back to their country.What sparks this unstable diplomatic relation between the two countries was the claim that that the officers were handcuffed and not given proper treatment. It is just a little misunderstanding. What worsened the situation is there are several people whom took advantage of the situation. These are the series of events that took place before the breach of waters.

October 2007: Indonesians dispute the use of Rasa Sayang in Malaysia's Tourism Board promotion.

October 2008: Indonesian lawmakers protest against alleged territorial violations by Malaysia in Ambalat.

June 2009: Indonesian model, Manohara Odelia Pinot, 17, alleged abuse by Malaysian prince Tengku Mohammad Fakhry.

June 2009: Jakarta stopped sending maids to Malaysia temporarily until the two countries agreed on new measures to provide better protection to the workers.

August 2009: Indonesian protesters vented their anger on Malaysia over alleged "theft" of everything from batik to dances and songs, calling Malaysia a "nation of thieves".

August 2009: Indonesian media reports a labourer being beaten in Malaysian police lock-up.

August 2009: Indonesia's state-owned recording company alleged that Negaraku was an imitation of Indonesia's song Terang Boelan, adapted from French song La Rosalie.

February 2010: Indonesian demonstrators showed disrespect while Negaraku was played, which resulted in the Football Association of Indonesia, being fined US$5,000 (S$6,786) by the Asean Football Federation.


In this case, it is okay to demonstrate or protest what the other party would have done to your citizens. But make sure that things are done peacefully without tarnishing the inter country relations. The protest in Jakarta had shown a bad image for Indonesia. How could civilized people throwing poo around and burning other country's flag. It is unethical and irrational. People should think before making such actions. It is, by mean, showed how much hatred and anger you had, but it also shows your immaturity. Crisis like this should be settled peacefully. I don't want Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation that was over a long way back ago comes into another sequel.

Come on people, we in Malaysia enjoy listening to peterpan, rossa, radja, wali band and etc. We also enjoy watching your drama. And Indonesian also enjoy listening to spider, tomok and much more. Why cant we share these unique tradition such as batik and others together, but with a touch of our own country's culture. It is a shame for grown ups to fight like child.

I hope my fellow Malaysian friends would not take action into their own hands and do what their Indonesians counterpart is doing.

p/s : The best way of winning a war is not fighting a war at all ~ John J Loco

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