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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I wonder if some of you been asking yourself,

"Why did this guy suddenly put so much pic in his blog?? It is unusual as he seldom put them and only care to write what is on his mind. "

Damn right, actually I kinda having some sort of brain damage and this had affect my brain to think and my heart to feel. This sickness is due to depression, amnesia, tiredness, lack of rest and the current situation which is not very helpful for me.

Being a final year student and a rankholder is really a pain in the ass. It is not that i admit defeat, but at some point people will say ; stop, stay; let's rest for a while and plan what to do next.

I had been busy doing research for my Final Year Project aka Fuck Your Project or Projek Sarjana Muda aka Projek Sakit Mental. I used to laugh when my seniors told me this, but now i really having the taste of it. Serves me. My final year project is about designing a mechanism to control a missile flight. it may seems easy, but when it comes to the real thing i said to myself "Man, this is so fishingly damning myself." But however i manage to find a few good source and resources that may help me in finishing the project. Thanks ALLAH.

Rankholders is like a prefect or mpp kind of thingy but it is much more cooler than you can ever imagine. It is an honour to be a rankholder. This is where soft skills can be developed. But i can't stand people babling about the same thing each and everyday. Sometimes I think I am herding a herd of cows rather than a bunch of idiots. It is not like they did not know the rules at all. They know all the drill but the problem is they are making idiot excuses every time they are caught breaking the rules. Come on guys, you are like 19, 20 years old, so behave like a man.

It is the 18th Ramadan which means all the Muslims has been fasting for 18 days. It is really a challenging month for me this year as i had more jobs and task to do then before. However i miss breaking fast with my family. By the way, since both of my sisters had finished their study and returned home, this could be the year that i am gonna celebrate Hari Raya with all my family members again. It has been so long since we celebrated it together. Lets not think about it now as there are still 12 days for us to fast. And do not forget to pay your zakat fitrah.

I think that is all for now. Until I write again keep hitting my page. tq


  1. Geeee...hmmmm..(looking for d write words to say) bcuz whatever i say would never change those datelines right? Well here goes..

    Do reward yourself by just sit back and relax, ponder upon those things that u have already achieved..then do things that bring u peace of mind..then only u continue where u had left before..

    Stay strong n motivated ya Man..solat jgn miss..u'll do great,u'll see..

  2. tq aj..appreciate that vry much.. however, there is a fact that we dont have a holiday ere.. its been one and a half month already.. today bru dpt hols.. alhamdulillah..


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